Saturday, 6 October 2012


After five weeks of posting daily blogs, I only have another 47 weeks and 328 posts to write in order to reach the 1 year landmark (shew!) . 
Many blogs fall by the wayside in the first year, so hopefully mine will not be one of those....
As I mentioned in my opening post 5 weeks ago "Lets start at the very beginning" I always said I would write a book about my adventures in the wonderful world of beauty!

My present dilemma (amongst many others), is that I have lots to write about but, just not enough time to write it all. Especially as I hold down a full time job and have two children, so I am working into the "wee" hours of the morning doing the research and writing. 
I am loving every minute of it and I read recently that writing and maintaining a blog is like having one of those virtual demanding puppies that needs feeding,watering and nurturing every day until eventually it becomes a healthy adult dog and I couldn't agree more! 
Thankfully my puppy seems to be growing stronger and healthier each day if my views are anything to go by.

As for the dark circles and puffiness that are quickly appearing around and under my eyes, I will just have to put all those eye gels to the test, to see which one really is the best....that's another post topic to add to my growing list!

As though starting the blog is not enough, I also linked it recently to its own Beauty Shout Box facebook page,which I also love doing daily....then a week ago BSB started "tweeting"....ooooooh! Tweeting what can I say other than, "I hope I get into it and it gets easier" at the moment I am not enjoying, but I will persevere.

Just in case you hadn't already I am not a professional writer and my spelling isn't the best either but, that all forms part of my hopefully easy reading, informative and sometimes funny style of writing. Actually... I do the errors on purpose, so you when you spot the them, it makes you all feel better about your spelling and grammar lol....In reality people do say that I am often very amusing and funny....
OMG! light bulb moment.. I always assumed they meant this in a nice way, what if they are laughing at me!!!!  
 OK... for those that are laughing at me ...."Tuffies" as "The Virgin Blogger" will continue and as the classic Gloria Gaynor song goes...
"I am what I am".


  1. I spotted your deliberate mistake....."so you when you spot them" Do I win anything? LOL

  2. No sorry! only the knowledge that you are a better speller than