Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Rain at last! and I am not talking about the wet type, however this international brand does take its name for the precious resource... The first rain store in KZN  finally opened its doors on Tuesday morning to reveal a refreshing, natural and fragrant retail space, at the Gateway theatre of shopping. This is the ninth store in South Africa to open since 2005 and the rain roots have spread across the world to include a store in New York and Amsterdam.
As you enter through the tree facade you are greeted with all things natural and natural is what the founder and visionary behind this brand is all about..Bev Missing.

I was fortunate enough last week to chat with Bev for several hours and this women and her journey is truly amazing. The words, committed, passionate,caring and workaholic all came to mind as I was listening to rains birth and growth over the past 13 years. I personally have a great respect for those brands that have flourished from seeds that have been planted and nurtured by their creator, as these brands and products often have amazing and true stories. However, even more respect is given when the creator is still guiding, in this instance her "drops of rain" and ensuring that her ethos and vision is up held and is never diluted, as unfortunately happens to so many fledgling brands.I am happy to say that this brand has its roots firmly in African soil and is growing from "strength to strength".

I have reviewed several of the rain products over the past year and I love this brand.
To read some of my reviews click on the pink links at the bottom of this post.

Here is some info that you may not be aware of:
  • At rain they mould,carve,weave,pour,cut,wrap,cover,fill,stitch,knit and bead almost everything in their product range by hand and with huge amounts of love and respect
  • Rain is Fair Trade accredited
  • Beauty without cruelty accredited
  • SA Vegan Society accredited
  • Not tested on animals.
  • No child labour is used
  • No parabans,petroleum jelly,mineral oils,petrochemicals and liquid parrafin is used
  • Supports local small industries
  • Offer high quality products made from the finest raw materials in a sustainable way
  • Respects the fragile environment in every way possible.

The above table is one example of a true rain story.
Bev found this piece of driftwood on a local beach and seeing its beauty, decided to utilise
it in one of her stores and Gateway is now its new home. The heavy cumbersome piece
proved not only to be difficult to handle and manoeuvre, but it also has some stories of its own to tell.

Handmade Mango soaps look good enough to eat

An array of handmade soaps

The try before you buy corner

A focal point of all rain stores is the "Deli table" which houses fizz and steam balls,
soaps and soaks, as well as earth eggs and salts.

There is so much to see and experience in a rain store,so allow plenty of time to browse.
The franchisees Yusuf and Ryan are proudly on hand to advise and guide you around their 
inspirational store.

If you are unable to visit any of the stores around the country you can always order on line.


  1. The store in itself is absolutely beautiful! WOW!!

    1. It really is and is such a great retail space