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I've recently bought my second tube (which is always a good sign) of "Puff Off!" from benefit and I've been using it for the past 5 or 6 months, under the belief that I had posted my review, only to find that the half written post was sitting in my drafts folder, so finally after a very long trial period I bring you my findings and opinions on this strangely named beauty product.

PUFF OFF! ,as do many of the benefit names, sounds "gimmicky", but I discovered a couple of years ago that often behind those "gimmicky" names lie really good effective products that have become firm favourites of mine.

Puff Off! is an under eye gel that helps to reduce both puffiness and helps to soften and smooth out those fine lines around the eye area.
The packaging and applicator of the Puff Off has to be the most unusual that I have ever tried, as you are mimmicking ironing the skin under the eye.

benefit PUFF OFF!

Iron on…puff off! 
Puffies & creases look “satiny smooth” with this innovative under eye gel. The custom “ironing” tip instantly helps to cool and smooth the look of under eye puffies & fine lines.
Squeeze once and dot under each eye…then go back and glide on with “ironing” tip. This product can be worn alone or over makeup with a gentle pat and blend action.
The iron metal tip has a cooling effect and glides surprisingly easily over the skin, with no dragging. However if you wanted to, you can just apply Puff Off! to your ring finger and dot under the eye.

I found this product a pleasure to use especially on those mornings where my under eyes definitely appeared to be puffier than normal and applied in place of my morning eye treatment it both smoothed and tightened the skin and literally de-puffed the area, enabling me to apply my concealer and foundation far easier.

As with most benefit products it comes with a hefty price tag of R415 for 10mls, but it's a unique product that tackles a specific issue that is a concern for many 
those pesky - Puffy Eyes.

If you are still unsure as to whether you need this kind of product then check out this short fun video

Available from benefit counters in selected Edgars and Red Squares


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