Friday, 26 April 2013


I found a treasure of a little shop tucked away in a corner of the Cape Quarter in Cape Town called 
 It stocks food, wine and olive oil accessories as well as many other decor items. It is also home to the Boutique Vineyards Trudeau cheese and baguette board range as well as carefully sourced glassware, ceramics, olive oil, Champagne buckets, wooden wine crates, kitchen tables and other products that are useful for entertaining and add style and beauty to any entertaining area.

 If you are looking for a chopping board, then this is the place to go, as they have every shape and size imaginable. These hard waring Trudeau boards are hand crafted from French oak wine barrels and can be used for the more mundane task of generally chopping, but can also be used to both cut on and present cheeses,baguettes,braai meat,sushi and there is even a fish shaped board to present and serve your fish or salmon from.....prices range from R135 to R650.

These Champagne gel fragrance candles are unusual and retail for

My hubby would love this Biltong board and cleaver

A little pricey, but this set of 6 Blind wine tasting covers are great if you are into your wines

These heavy wooden doorstops will keep any door open for

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