Friday, 12 April 2013


Another Friday has come around....and here are some of my random finds for this week!


1) I found this delicious Chocolate Fudge Sensation Cake from the UK budget frozen food brand Iceland. Checkers are importing several lines and have been for many months now. I must admit, most of which I wouldn't consider buying let alone eating, but the cakes and deserts have been surprisingly good. This Choc fudge cake is great heated and served with ice cream.
The price is also good at R29.95
I know this is not good for the diet, but I like to buy for my "hubby"and "kiddiewinks" and I just look on, as they enjoy!
Oh gosh! my nose has just grown a little longer, it must be that new cream that I am trying.....

2) This Titania foot and hand pumice sponge is excellent for removing dead skin. This German foot and hand care brand have been around in South Africa for many years, but they can be sometimes a little difficult to find.
At only R16.95 its great value as it last for ages.Good Chemists should stock.

3) The L'Occitane Magic Key is a "magic" little item to have in the home. It's designed to be used on their products that come packaged in metal tubes e.g. hand and foot creams, but can be used on most household tubes. When you have three men around the home, inevitably it's always "moi" that is left to squeeze the last dregs out of the toothpaste tube, well no more since buying these.Mine have lasted for years, as they are made of metal and much more robust than the cheap plastic ones that you can buy and at R45 they have more than paid for themselves with the savings you make.
Available from all L'Occitane boutiques countrywide.

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