Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I wanted to write this "coming soon" post last week, but I had a "light bulb" moment, as Oprah would say, so hence the delay...

I worked for Clarins, both as a counter consultant and then as a travelling consultant for several years...and believe it or not, the original Double Serum was launched during this same period!
I couldn't bare to read the press notes, as the words "launched in 1985" leapt from the page and slapped me in the face! it was a "Light bulb" moment of note. I pulled myself together, but I cannot help thinking "where have all those 28 years gone?

Then as a travelling consultant, I moved around to salons, pharmacies and stores doing facials and other events in order to educate and promote this relatively unknown French brand, Clarins.
At that time, Double Serum was a ground breaking, anti ageing serum and originally came packaged in two bottles. These two dropper bottles, one green and one brown contained the two different complexes that needed to be mixed in the hand before application, giving the customer that feeling of being a home therapist! Double Serum was the ultimate product to both use and to sell...every Double Serum sold, gave you that selling "Buzz" that only a sales person would understand....and I sold many! These two little bottles achieved much success on launch and following several reformulations and packaging face lifts, it has had continued success since!

However yesterday saw the South African on counter launch of the:

 "New" Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate


This product is targeted at all women beginning at age 25 who are looking for a very complete product to address their anti-ageing concerns, regardless of their age, skin type or tone. From what I have read and understand this is the most sophisticated product that Clarins have created to date.

I don't want to comment too much, as I have not tried the product yet, but I will soon and my review will be posted! I really cannot wait to try, as any new product that effectively stimulates the five vital functions responsible for skin’s youthful beauty: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration is definitely something to get excited about!

Why not visit a Clarins stockist to find out more about this latest edition to the Clarins stable, as I am sure it will be yet another anti Ageing "Winner".

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  1. I used the 2007 version for a long time before switching from Clarins this year to give my skin a break and try something new. This new version is really exciting! I think some time this year I might give it a try

  2. It has always been a top seller and has a loyal following ... Now would be the time to revert back to using. Watch this space for my review!