11 June 2013


OK... before I start with this post I must tell you that the BMW is a motorbike and not the comfy luxurious car, after saying that The BMW GS 1200 Adventure is the comfy version of their motorbikes. If any of you saw the Ewan McGregor "Long Way" round series on TV or read his book, he used the same motorbike.
Now that I have made that clear, let me begin....

My husband grew up with motorbikes, as did my eldest son and they are both experienced and very proficient "off and on" road riders. "Moi" on the other hand, being the mother, is not keen on the motorbiking scene at all.... I must explain though, that in my youth I did go on the back of my hubby's (then boyfriend) Kawasaki GS 1000, but I put that down to either ignorance, stupidity or being love struck at the time....possibly it was all three.....Whatever it was it...it never worried me and dare I say it...I enjoyed riding on the back of a motorbike.
(much to my parents horror no doubt)

Over the years all types of motorbikes have come and gone and more recently a Harley Davidson appeared, as it was on my husbands "bucket list" to own one..that phase lasted for two years and has now been replaced with this BMW.....I did go on the back of the Harley several times, but again it was really not my scene.

Desperate for me to go on the back of the BMW, my husband literally pleads with me, so a few weeks ago I submitted and we went to a friends lodge in a Zululand game park on the motorbike.Read Review 
It was a two and a half hour trip and it was comfortable enough. Thankfully I arrived home in one piece, but I really do worry about the other drivers on the road, as I feel so vulnerable on a motorbike...I am sure there are people agreeing with me right now, whilst others will wonder "what is she going on about",
 but as you have children and your responsibilities become more, then you do become more cautious and I am a most definitely a "Cautious Cate".

This past Sunday my hubby suggested we go for a little run out again on the bike, "nothing too long" were his exact words. He also enticed me with the promise of a nice breakfast out and where food is concerned...I am there! 
We set off at 8am all kitted up and our destination was Underberg in the Southern Drakensberg. 
After a beautiful day in Durban on the Saturday, the weather was forecast to be much cooler on the Sunday, but undeterred we set off! 
First mistake - always check the weather report of your final destination
We hit rain around Pietermaritzburg.
Second mistake - was to not turn back.
My ever hopeful husband said that this often happens and again assured me that the weather will clear after Howick. 
Third mistake - was to believe him.
Leaving Durban's relative cool temperature of 15 degrees centigrade, we arrived at our breakfast stop, The Picklepot Cafe in Boston. The temperature had dropped to 6 degrees centigrade and we were both wet and cold.
My review on the Picklepot Cafe will follow.

After filling our tummies and drying our clothes we carried onto Underberg. 
Fourth mistake - know that the temperature will drop even further, when you can see beautiful snow capped mountains in the distance. 
Another stop at The Old Hatchery for some spicy homemade Pea & Ham soup and a "warm up" in front of a roaring fire. When my toes thawed out, we were off again...The scenery in this region is beautiful, but OMG it was so cold and I had a complete sense of humour loss when we arrived at Puckerty Farm and the computer readout showed 3 degrees! 
Puckerty Farm review to follow.

We finally arrived back home at 6pm, which was exactly 10 hours after setting off, we had covered over 500kms, stopped for breakfast,hot chocolate and lunch en route...the only positive was...I had some blog "fodder" for the week!
I was tired, cold, had a numb bum and I couldn't feel my toes....all I wanted was a nice hot, candlelit, bubble bath, to not only warm me up, but also to lift my mood!
My hubby, so enjoyed himself and was excited, as he had other places that he wanted to show me next time.....
News Flash!
 There will not be a next time my sweet, as biking still is not for me.


  1. Love it!!! Know some of the places you went and it is freezing there. Definately not bike riding! Car with heater on.

  2. I agree....You would think, that I would learn over the years, as you get older you are supposed to get wiser....It obviously don't...

  3. I loved this post! It was so entertaining and funny. Hats off to you, I am freaked out by bikes and stick to nice, comfortable cars! I used to live at Michaelhouse for two years so I know how cold it gets up there... brrrr

  4. Thanks....It was a moment of weakness,but cars are definitely more my scene!