19 June 2013


I love, and I mean love Hot Chocolates, the richer and the more cream on the top, the better! However I am not a fan of any of the diet, low fat or low cal versions.That was until I tried a free trial sachet of the NOMU SKINNY HOT CHOCOLATE powder that I received in one of the magazines recently. Huge admission here...I very rarely, ever try any free samples that come either attached to the front or on the inside of magazines.
They just get thrown into a drawer along with all the good intentions of trying at a later date and then they get forgotten about. 
The sachets of NOMU SKINNY were saved from the same demise, for no other reason than - I started a serious diet yesterday!

2 free trial sachets

In desperation for a chocolate fix I dug out the sachets from the bottom of the drawer and mixed as instructed, but with full cream milk! I know... I should have used skimmed, fat free or low fat milk, but I never buy,so full cream it was!

Oh my goodness the hot Choc was simply delicious...it was creamy and really tasted of a rich decadent chocolate! I may even try a low fat milk version next time, but I doubt a fat free or skimmed milk hot choc will work for me.
There are some things that a girl on a diet just can't give up!
The SKINNY is now on my shopping list and retails for R42.95 for a 200g tin and is available from selected foodie outlets or online. Check out their website as NOMU make a whole host of exciting food items.
Nutritional information
Average ValuesPer 100gPer 6gServing (6g hot chocolate + 250ml skim milk)
Glycaemic Carbohydrate35g2g15.8g
This product is Halaal and Kosher (Milchik) certified.

NOMU also make a Decadent Hot Chocolate which sounds "calorifically" good, so maybe when I have shed my many extra kilos I can switch from the SKINNY to the Decadent! 
Mmmm I can't wait...

Both of these Hot Choc powders can be mixed with either hot or cold milk.

Retails R69.95 200g tin

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