14 June 2013


Situated on the outskirts of Underberg is the famous Pucketty Farm Stall.
This farm stall has been a part of the community for the past sixteen years and was started by local artist
Serena Shaw. From humble beginnings of selling loaves of homemade bread from her back door the
farm has grown into a collection of wooden rickety buildings,which house some animals,
 the farm stall, an art gallery, tea garden and picnic site. 
The children love the animals and my eldest son who is now 19 years old still remembers the 
famous pot bellied pig called Nigel...
Obviously Nigel has long gone, but Pucketty farm still has charm and fascination for the little ones.

The farm stall, with straw on the floor, is full of farm goodies like fresh laid eggs, homemade breads,rusks, biscuits and chocolate brownies.
Pickles, jams, farm milk, pates, farm cream, ready made meals and lots more are also on sale
The one thing that makes this farm so unique is its payment method...
the entire farm is run on an honesty basis!
You choose your items, then write them down in the book, add up the total on the provided calculator
 and put your money in the honesty box and if need be, you help yourself to change!
There is even a credit card machine that you operate yourself in order to pay for your goodies!
Hard to believe in these times, but it works and there are no staff in sight to ask or query anything with!
Pucketty Farm is a special little place,
so if you are ever in the Underberg area then pop in and see for yourself.

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