21 June 2013


Friday Feedback is a new post that I will be doing occasionally, to give you some feedback following some of my earlier reviews.

Back in May I wrote about a new South African fragrance with a cause, called Grace, well I am still wearing it daily and loving it!

You may remember my review that I did some weeks ago on three home fragrance products that were sent from Clarins for me to review, I am excited to tell you that the diffuser sap is still smelling strong after all these weeks.
It has to be the longest lasting sap that I have ever used, normally 6/8 weeks is the longest that any last,whereas the Clarins is now entering its 13th week!
I'm even more impressed.

I wrote a post regarding my Mothers Day wish list and then followed up with piece of what I actually received from my "Kiddiewinks".
I wasn't impressed with my Prevoir Bath fizzers and my opinion hasn't changed, as I have slowly and reluctantly used them!
The bracelet didn't fare much better either, as the stones fell out, so that was back to Woolworths for a credit. 
How does the saying go? 
"You get what you pay for"

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