27 June 2013


One of the other Biologie products that I was given to try from Rain recently was their Mustard and Ginger Bath Soak. I must say that this product grabbed my attention, as not only do I love all things to do with my bath, but I also know the effects on the body of the two main ingredients, Mustard and Ginger. It was also perfect timing, as I am currently on the Paleo diet and testing a body contouring product, so I was eager to "try it all" to kick start my body transformation...ok! maybe not a transformation, but definitely a slimmer and more contoured shape would feel "good" right now!

156gms  R125

This multitasking detoxification and purification soak, is designed to raise the body’s temperature enough to expel toxins and encouraging purging, to increase blood circulation, leaving your skin fully decongested and openly receptive to a nourishing and moisturising butter application. Increased circulation means rapid dispersal of actives and antioxidants available in the treatments following the soak.

You are advised to run a very hot bath, but obviously it must be a temperature that is bearable, fortunately I love Hot baths, even though I know its not good for my skin...

Follow the instructions on the bottle regarding the amount to use.The golden yellow powder does taint the water and releases a gingery fragrance into the air, which to me was reminiscent of a beauty salon or spa. This treatment cannot be done in a hurry, as you will need to spend 15-20 minutes relaxing in your bath in order to allow the pores to open and the active ingredients to penetrate and do their work. I advise that you do this treatment over the weekend when you have a pamper session when you have are no time constraints and you are able to just relax and chill after the bath. I also think this type of treatment is best done in the morning or during the day, as I found it too stimulating to do in the evening before bed.

As explained above, this soak is designed to raise the body's temperature. The hot water of the bath will naturally raise your temperature, but I experienced, within a few minutes, a higher temperature than I would normally experience whilst having my hot bath. My face was perspiring and I was feeling the effects of the ingredients. Mustard powder is the cause of the increased circulation and it also has detoxifying and purification properties. This soak also contains several essential oils such as Ginger, Cedarwood, Palmerosa and interestingly Patchouli essential oil, which acts as a diuretic and has purging properties. Add Epsom and mineral sea salts and you have a very effective body soak.

Due to its ingredients this soak is not advised for the following people:
Babies or children under 12 years
Pregnant women
Anyone with a sensitive skin
Sufferers of epilepsy
Sufferers of high blood pressure.

Following my 20 minute soak I did feel a little dizzy so I actually lay on my bed, just to allow my body temperature to re adjust before applying my body contouring product...
I'm not sure that this type of soak would suit everyone, but I enjoyed my Mustard and Ginger Bath, I found it be stimulating and for me detoxifying, especially as I am on diet.

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