25 August 2016


Despite only being around in South Africa since 2008 L'Occitane has been in existence since 1976, which makes 2016 its special 
40th Anniversary year.

I wonder if back then the founder of L'Occitane, Olivier Baussan, could ever have envisaged the outcome of his passion for his native Provence, love of plants and his desire to create wonderful products that were authentic, traceable and respected both the environment and people.


With nothing but an alambic, a small truck and a solid knowledge of plants this young man of 23, set out to sell his distilled Rosemary essential oil on the local markets of Provence in Southern France.

Lavender is a fragrant iconic symbol of Provence and is renowned worldwide for its highest quality, especially that grown in the Haute Provence region and this seemed the most obvious choice for his next essential oil and today it's  still a core ingredient in many of the L'OCCITANE ranges and products.
40 years later and as they say "the rest is history" and L'OCCITANE is now available in every corner of the world for everyone to enjoy.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, L'OCCITANE is celebrating Provence, the land of its birth, through a limited-edition collection based around its most famous flower. 
The packaging features a new design, inspired by fields of lavender seen from the sky, which trace diagonal lines across the plateaus of Haute-Provence, filling them with colour.

My "go to" weekly Lavender foam bath and one that I rave about constantly is the one below and quite simply it's the very 

It's a rich, delicate foam bath containing Lavender Essential Oil with a captivating lavender scent and more importantly voluminous long lasting bubbles.
The aroma lets your mind escape to Provence as you breathe in its fragrance and enjoy a soothing moment of relaxation. 
It leaves your skin feeling supple and fragranced with the delicate scent of lavender.

If you love your bubbles and enjoy the whole relaxing bathing experience then I cannot recommend a more beautiful relaxing product and maybe the 40th anniversary is a perfect time to treat yourself to a little bit of Provence.

Lavender Foam Bath

500mls R450
100mls R130

L'OCCITANE Lavender Foam Bath

If you follow me regularly on my blog and other social media platforms you will already know that L'OCCITANE is my one of my favourite brands and if you just type in the word L'OCCITANE in the "search for my Shout words" on the side bar, so many L'OCCITANE reviews will pop up and if there are any reviews that you would like me to review in the future, then just leave me a comment below.

Available from L'OCCITANE Boutiques countrywide and online 

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