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Over the years fashion and make-up trends come and go and I hate to admit it, but due to my age I've seen several come around more than once. 
However one make-up trend/focus that I'm really pleased to see currently shining in the limelight are the Brows.
Yes thanks to the American cosmetics brand benefit 
2016 is 
"all about the Brows"

benefit have recently launched a comprehensive range of 45 products available in 6 shades and there is no brow that cannot be teased, filled, defined or tamed, as benefit have really got all "brow bases" 
for all ages covered.

Never being one to worry too much about my eyebrows ,in recent years I have become more aware that with my age the colour of my brow hair has lightened and the odd grey hair has appeared... much to my horror! 
Also the hairs have become finer and my brow line is not as full as it use to be and all of the above led me to buy an Estée Lauder brow kit, to just create some definition and colour.
I was perfectly happy until benefit sent me four of the new products to try.
I was excited, yet somewhat apprehensive as to how to use or what the products were designed to do, as these products are very clever and sometimes not what they seem and that's what I love about benefit.

I do recommend popping along to your nearest benefit counter for a demonstration and some really good advice.
Once  you get past the kitchey names and are given some tips and shown some nifty tricks
they are pretty easy to understand and apply.

My shades were all Shade 3 

benefit KA BROW R335

KA BROW is perhaps my least fave of the 4 products, but this Brush on rich, build able colour I'm sure will be an absolute hit with many. This all-in-one eyebrow cream-gel easily fills, sculpts and defines brows. Plus the built-in hard-angled brush magically converts into a clever full-size brush for precise control & effortless application!

  • Builds from natural-looking to dramatic
  • Cream-gel color
  • 24 hour waterproof wear

benefit GIMME BROW R335

GIMME BROW I was again unsure of how to use this product, but its a really quick and easy to use tinted eyebrow gel that contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin & hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. The custom, tiny tapered brush blends easily while the precision tip shapes hairs into place.
I have been using this daily and I love it!

Volumizes, tames & tints

 Water-resistant & long-wearing


BROWVO! is a nutrient-rich conditioning eyebrow primer and on first reading about this product I was convinced that this was a little gimmicky, but its turned out to be one of my favourtites, as despite cleansing over the eyebrows daily we never really use a specialised product to condition that area.  
Worn alone it both conditions & smooths the brows. Worn as a primer it enhances & extends the wear of other brow products. This conditioning formula contains keratin & soy proteins known to help brows look thicker, healthier and fuller, but I will have to revert back to you with regards to the latter claim in a "follow up" post.

  • All-in-one eyebrow serum
  • Clear gel suits all brows
  • Custom soft-touch applicator


GOOF PROOF EYEBROW PENCIL is a super easy filling & shaping eyebrow pencil. 
It features a custom, non-sharpen “goof-proof” tip, soft color and a glide-on formula for easy & fast brow filling. 
Comes complete with built-in blending spoolie-brush

12-hour waterproof formula

I have been surprisingly happy with the products that I have tried and I've even earmarked a couple more that I would like to give a "Brow Whirl".
I hope this post has piqued your "Brow Interest" and I highly recommend you visit a benefit counter to find out more
after all...

"2016 is all about the benefit brows"

have a great website and if you would like to find out more about the other products in their brow collection plus tips for brows then visit

benefit is available in selected Edgars and Red Squares countrywide

If you would like to read more about my other reviews on benefit products 

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