28 August 2016


For this past week I have been using a sample of the Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel.
I managed to use it twice and it's suitable for all skin types and is paraben and colourant free.
Its also a granule-free exfoliator (great news for the environment,seeing that there is a plan to ban the use of all plastic beads in facial cleansers and exfoliators)

SAMPAR Equalising Foam Peel 50mls

As with many exfoliators on the market this product claims to gently exfoliate the epidermal layer to remove unhealthy, dead skin cells and to stimulate new cell growth to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and expose a smoother more luminous complexion.

This 3-in-1 product is applied to a cleansed skin like a mask, purifies like a peel and once you add the water it rinses off like a cleanser.

The product is applied all over the face and neck (avoid the eye area) as a clear, slightly runny gel and has a great Spa like fragrance.
It remains tacky on the skin and you leave for 2 minutes before it turns into a foamy creamy emulsion once you add water and rinses off really easily.
(Always remember to apply a nourishing mask, serum or moisturiser after exfoliating your skin to help replace the hydro lipid film that naturally covers and protects the skin)

I personally didn't notice any obvious changes to me skin, so I decided to do my tried and trusted  "apply to the back of one hand and not the other" test to get a more visual difference between the two hands.
Despite there being an ever so slight improvement of brightness and smoothness my tested hand felt incredibly soft, but it certainly didn't impress me enough to go out and buy. I expected slightly better and more impressive results, especially with a price tag of R690

Exfoliation is something that I have been doing weekly since I was in my early twenties and its a crucial step in my beauty regime and personally I think that there are better exfoliators/peels out there and at a lower price.
Having said this if you are a SAMPAR lover and user then this will no doubt work in synergy with those products and perhaps better results will be seen.

On a more positive note I recently posted my review on their "Creme de la Creme" anti ageing cream - Lavish Dream Cream, which I thoroughly enjoyed using, 
so click on the link below to read more.

Sampar Lavish Dream Cream Review

SAMPAR is available from selected Edgars and Woolworths countrywide and online

SAMPAR Woolworths

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