10 April 2017


Believe it or not the manufacture and sales of make-up brushes globally is huge, in fact so much so, an in-depth market report is compiled and released annually dissecting every aspect of the makeup brush business.

Real Techniques make-up brushes are definitely "up there" on that list and internationally have become a firm favourite with all, whether you're a professional makeup artist or not...
Having studied Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy for 3 years, we were always advised to buy the best tools that you could afford at the time and makeup brushes were no exception and I just happen to have, and still use today, a couple of my very expensive original natural bristle brushes that I trained with all those years ago.

As the makeup "times" have changed the debate, as to which is a better brush, synthetic bristle or natural bristle still rages on, but with the R&D that has been put into the manufacture of synthetic bristles it now seems that synthetic is out "on top".
I can honestly say that during my 35 years in the business I haven't bought too many makeup brushes, as I have never needed to. My original professional set that I bought in my college days (sorry I can't remember the make) served me well for many years and I then bought a collection (again rather expensive) of Estée Lauder brushes and a couple of years ago I received a set to review from GOSH COPENHAGEN

Over the years I may have bought or been given an odd brush here and there, but pretty much those 3 sets have seen me through my makeup life!
That was until recently, when I bought a set of Sam & Nic Real Techniques brushes in the UK.
The set below I purchased from Superdrug and was a limited Edition Travel Case Set 
(£30 reduced from £36 and unfortunately is no longer available) 
All of the brushes can be bought individually, but this set comprised of a good basic selection of brushes and even though I wasn't particularly interested in the silver cylinder travel case,(it has proved to be handy) it just happened to be cheapest way to buy the brushes that I really wanted and knew I would use daily.

Real Techniques Travel Case Set

Here is some background on this sister team and Real Techniques:

Samantha and Nicola Chapman grew up surrounded by makeup. Their aunt was a top makeup artist in London, working with clients like David Bowie and Princess Diana and their mum was makeup-involved too...

After two years of attending school for professional makeup artistry, Sam moved to London to work on counters and begin her career as a freelance artist. She had the opportunity to work with the likes of MAC, Estee Lauder, and Chanel doing everything from fashion weeks, to editorial. Nic was not far behind, following a similar path, but in her own right. Over time, they both had built a reputation in the industry as respected makeup artists.

After the successful launch in 2010 of their joint and now infamous Pixiwoo®YouTubechannel it wasn't too long before the Real Techniques brush collection was conceived and launched in 2011.
I highly recommend that you pop over to the Real Techniques website for more info and for some great tips and makeup advice.

Real Techniques Limited Edition Travel Case Set

Regardless of whether you're applying, blending, lining, shading or highlighting a good brush is an important part of your makeup routine. The small applicators and brushes that come in the cosmetic compacts etc. are in my opinion pretty much useless, so in order to get the best out of your cosmetics and achieved a well applied, blended and a more professional natural look, specialised brushes to do a specific job are a necessity and you really cannot avoid the investment.

My set comprised of the following 6 brushes, which I have found to be a good selection and I do use them all.

Multi Task Brush
Tapered Foundation Brush
Multi Task Cheek Brush
Deluxe Crease Brush
Base Shadow Brush
Eyeliner Brush

 The Real Techniques brushes are made with synthetic bristles, 100% Cruelty Free and environmentally friendly. The brushes feel incredibly soft on the skin, whilst picking up the colour well and blending evenly and as with all synthetic brushes they're super easy to clean. The quality of the brushes is excellent (to date there has been no bristle shedding), they feel comfortable and well balanced in the hand and I'm really enjoying using them.
I find myself reaching for the Real Techniques instinctively now and sadly my previous hard working and much loved brushes are taking some "time out" for good, loyal long service...

I do have a couple more that I would like to add to complete this set, I have my eye on the Concealer Brush, Highlighter Brush and a Lip Brush, which will bring my total to 9 daily working brushes and hopefully they will serve me well for many years to come...

Luckily for South Africans the Real Techniques brushes are available at selected 
Foschini stores countrywide 


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