19 April 2017


I can't remember the last time I used a manual toothbrush, (most probably it was on a long haul overnight flight last November), as I'm a long time convert to an electric toothbrush, having use one for the past 20years or so.
I have always been extremely happy with the OralB brand and after my previous one had loyally supported me in the cleaning of my teeth for the past 8-10 years I saw no reason to change brands. I previously had a rechargeable model, which at the time was the top of the range and its price of around R1800 was a heavy price tag at the time.
However it never gave me a days problem, but it was starting to "tire" as it was failing to hold a charge, but if I were to work out, the cost per use, it has served me well on the cost front and based on this I didn't really hesitate at the price when I was researching my next purchase.
The Oral B Genius 9000 was launched internationally in 2016, but has only been available for sale here in South Africa at Clicks and Dischems from the beginning of 2017 and they retail here in South Africa for around R3,800-R4,000.

I have read so many great reviews on this toothbrush since last year and there was really no competition as far as I was concerned, as it was voted by

Which? as the Best Buy 2016

The revolutionary Genius 9000 electric toothbrush features a dentist-inspired round head that surrounds and cups each tooth with oscillating, rotating and pulsating technology to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. Designed to help you brush like your dentist recommends, this brush connects with the Oral-B smartphone app via Bluetooth technology to provide you with customized real-time feedback, including time coaching to brush a recommended 2 minutes, triple pressure control to protect your gums from over-brushing, and advanced Position Detection technology so you never miss a zone.

It’s like having a dentist at home....it’s GENIUS.

 I recently got my London "kiddie wink" to bring me one over from the UK on his recent home visit.The price seems to vary tremendously depending on whether its on special offer or not. I managed to pick mine up on Amazon for £109, but I have seen it on special at Boots and Superdrug for as low as £99, but the price can be as high as £180.
 There are 3 colours available and whist I opted for the white it also comes in black and there's also a lovely Limited Edition Rose Gold.

I'm sure you're eager to know what you get for your "Big Bucks"...

What’s in the box?

C1 GENIUS connected handle with 6 mode
4 brush heads, premium travel case
Upgraded charger
Refill holder
Smartphone holder

Features 6 modes
Pro Clean
Daily Clean
Tongue Cleaning
Gum Care

I just love everything about this electric toothbrush, not just the fact that it's really a superior brush and your teeth feel amazingly clean and polished, but I'm enjoying all the GENIUS extras, especially the Smart travel case with an extra USB port to charge your both smartphone and toothbrush with 1 plug, which is an absolute life saver if you travel a lot. 
I really enjoy the 6 cleaning modes, which I do chop and change between.
If you love your electrical gadgets then this is well worth checking out and
despite the price I have no regrets with my GENIUS purchase and hopefully it gives me as many years loyal service as my previous model did...

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