28 April 2017


Rarely do I dedicate a whole blog post to the review of a nail polish, but this Long Lasting Polish from a new cosmetic brand on the block, is in my opinion deserving of this post...

L.O.V. and is a prestige, high-end, mass market cosmetic brand that focuses on quality and design whilst being available in selected drugstores internationally, at an attractive price and it was recently launched in selected Dischems throughout South Africa.

As I have said before on my blog that I'm first drawn to the colour of a nail polish before a particular brand, when I'm browsing the shelves and this dark mauve wintry colour caught my eye in the L.O.V. nail section.
The LOVinity range has 24 permanent colours to choose from and some Limited Editions that come and go...

L.O.V.  Mauve Majesty 300 

This LOVinity Long Lasting Nail Lacquer claims to have a formula with innovative polymer technology and provides intensive colour and a high gloss finish without chipping for up to seven days and as you can imagine I just had to put this one to the test, especially after my huge disappointment with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

L.O.V. say that perfection is achieved with just one stroke of the brush and that their high- performance brush guarantees a simple and smooth application. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to the type of brush a nail polish has and for me it's a "make or break" thing.

This brush is short and wide and initially it took me a few strokes to adjust, but surprisingly quickly I mastered the one stroke application, as the brushes

 width was pretty much the width of my nail and one stroke was all I needed to cover my nail completely with colour. With most polishes I apply my standard three coats plus top coat,however the coverage with this product was fairly good and I only needed to apply two coats and a top coat.
I was initially impressed with the ease of application and it does give a smooth high gloss finish, which I prefer, as it always gives the nails that just manicured look.

After 6 days

I've had a "bee in my bonnet" recently , as I'm getting rather fed up, as I'm sure many of you are, with nail polish companies claiming that their nail colours last up to 7 or 14 days without chipping or fading.

The L.O.Vinity Long Lasting Nail Lacquer claims 7 days and the picture above shows my nails still looking pretty good after 6 full days and to go a 7th day was no problem.
Dark colours are always far more maintenance, than light shades, as the colour often fades and even the slightest chips appear to be more obvious, but as you can see there are no chips, only slight wear on the tips, which I can live with.
In my opinion this polish stands up its 7 day claim and if like me you wear nail polish everyday, then this could be such a time saver.

I am hoping to delve a little further into the L.O.V. brand and as always I will report back with my honest findings on any other products that I try.


L.O.V. products are available from selected Dischems countrywide


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    1. I'm also going to buy some more shades, as I'm super impressed. Normally I spend time applying 3 coats and I paint my nails twice a week, so lasting for 7 days n only 2 coats is a huge time bonusđź‘Ť