23 April 2017


Here I am again reviewing beauty products due to the inclusion of word "Radiant" in the name and just like many women, particularly over 40, we are drawn to products that will help to restore the radiance and glow to our, often, dulling skins.
Foundations are the easiest and most affordable products to help you do just that, albeit a temporary solution, a radiant glowy skin is always a more flattering look for the older woman.

Whilst I was browsing along the Bourjois wall unit recently in Clicks, I also came across two of their radiance make-up items that caught my eye and I thought they might make a good foundation and concealer combo to try and review for you.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer 

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation:

With many of us living in or near polluted cities, Bourjois formulated this foundation for all the urbanites, as its protecting anti-pollution screen prevents the adherence of carbon particles and lets the skin breathe.It also contains an SPF 30 UV screen to protect skin from UVA & UVB, which in my opinion is a "must have" in a foundation, due to me living in South Africa.

I purchased the 04 Beige Shade

I enjoyed the creamy, hydrating texture of the foundation and Bourjois claims that it would give 24hrs of comfort to the skin.
(I'm not sure who would ever put that claim to the test)
This foundation offers a light - medium coverage, which is buildable and easy to blend, but where it scored big points with moi, was on the radiance front.

The inclusion of the radiance-boosting pigments did help to even out my complexion for a more natural, fresh-looking, glowy, luminous  skin. I prefer to wear this foundation on those days where I wanted a more natural "make-up free" look, as the radiance enhancers were more visible when the make-up products applied on top were kept to a minimum.

The pretty pale pink packaging obviously gets my approval and the size of the nozzle allows for a controlled amount to be dispensed. It's Dermatologically tested and Non-Comedegenic.

I must also make mention of the delicate soft fragrance that this foundation has, as I love it.
From my review I think you can tell that this foundation would be one that I would re-purchase and highly recommend if your skin is dull and needing, a little or a lot of help on the brightening front.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

Available in 6 Shades



Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer:

I purchased the shade 02 Beige

Again I'm always on the look out for a good concealer and if it contains light reflectors to help brighten that troublesome under eye darkness, then it's a bonus and this Radiance Reveal Concealer does just that!

This creamy melting texture,not only helps to correct the colour, but it quite adequately conceals imperfections,dark circles and gives a fresh and radiant look.

It claims to provide an instant skincare action: 
It visibly smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines and hydrates the under eye area for up to 24 hours  
thanks to the inclusion of enriched with Mont Blanc glacier water & hyaluronic acid, but I certainly wouldn't substitute any of my daily eye treatments and serums with this product, but it is nice to have the extra benefits included in your concealer. The continuous hydration is very noticeable as this concealer doesn't go cakey or dry like so many do.
The dinky sponge applicator enables you to be really precise with your application and I have to say I prefer a sponge applicator and apparently you can use this concealer as a highlighter, which I haven't tried yet.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this concealer, as it delivers the total package when it comes to concealing and works well with the City Radiance Foundation making this a
 Truly Radiant Duo...

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer

Available in 3 Shades



Available from selected Clicks countrywide


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