18 February 2018


I always,only, post a review once I've finished a product, 
but I'm breaking my own rule on this one and posting 
this review after four and half months of twice daily use.

I seem to have been using the 
Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix
 for what seems like an eternity and it's still going strong.

Having recommended previously that you buy skincare according to your budget,
there is one product that I advise stretching the budget for
and that's an anti-ageing eye treatment.
I personally have always focused on the maintenance of my eye area, 
as it really does give away your age and I just want to keep those 
signs of ageing at bay or minimised for as long as possible.

It's a "maze" out there, when it comes to Anti-Ageing
eye products, as we are spoilt for choice.
 For as long as I can remember though I've always used products for 
my eye area twice a day 
  and that's pretty much how I have been able to keep any deep lines
and wrinkles to a minimum and these are not to be confused with your 
natural expression lines around the hard working eye area.

The use of eye creams are on going, so get rid of the notion that a product
will "fix it all" in one jar, as that just doesn't happen. 
The sooner you start to incorporate an eye treatment into your daily regime
the better, but if you fall into that category of not having used, 
then don't despair.

If you're a mature woman or man (yes, men need to use eye products also 
and they don't have to be male specific)
it's not too late, however understand that damage has been done,
but in order to slow down the further appearance and soften those
existing lines and wrinkles I recommend that you initially splurge and bring 
in the "Big Guns" of the eye treatment world.

The hugely popular and iconic
 Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair Collection 
of products target and reduce the look of all the signs of ageing
for the face and eyes.
They have several targeted eye products in their
arsenal and their Eye Concentrate Matrix is one that I can highly 
recommend if you are wanting to seriously inject some "oomph"
into your eye care routine.

The Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix
is one of those "Big Guns" to be used both night and day.
This serum will repair, fortify and hydrate the skin around the
delicate eye area, so it pretty much deals with the main areas
of concern for most of us.

Their ultra-nourishing, skin strengthening formula has an innovative 360° 
Matrix Technology that provides a cushion of plumping support 
to give eyes a fresh, “wide-open” look and I won't object to
that, as with age sadly our eye area, especially the eyelids become
 more droopy and gives the eye a more closed, tired appearance.
The addition of every skins friend - Hyaluronic Acid 2x Concentrated 
Infusion ensures that the skin remains hydrated for a full 24 hrs.

From the picture above you will see that this product comes with a
massaging applicator, but do yourself a favour and forget even trying to
attempt to massage the skin as EL suggest and just go straight to the
patting with the ring finger...

Using the massaging applicator, gently roll under each eye three times. 
Then massage in a 360° circle under the eye area and above the lid. 
Finish by patting with ring finger until absorbed.

The slightly opaque, cooling gel is easy to blend around the eye around and
feels comfortable and moisturising on the skin, without feeling heavy or
creating any puffiness, which some eye products can do.
It was a pleasure to use and offered a plumpness to the skin,
which in turn softens those lines, especially the deeper ones and gave
a more rested eye area.

Fragrance Free
Opthalmologically Tested
Dermatologist Tested

Estēe Lauder is available in SA from selected
 Edgars, Red Squares, Woolworths online
Foschini and Truworths.

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