23 February 2018


I have a great drugstore "Dupe" for 
the Kiehl's Turmeric Cranberry Seed Energising Masque.
Last year this mask made it onto my

There was another mask the L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask that I was
super impressed with, but unfortunately it just missed being on 
my top 6 list.

Here are some excerpts from both of my reviews and I could have
been writing about the same product. Obviously there are differences
but the end results are pretty similar.

"This super-charged pure clay mask enhanced with Red Algae Extract has been formulated to exfoliate and refine your skin in just 10 minutes.The beaded, creamy textured terracotta coloured mask contains potent pure clays and volcanic rock exfoliate dead skin cells and smooth surface imperfections to reveal a polished, pore-minimized, smooth, glowing, soft and radiant complexion all without drying out the skin."
"The Cranberry and Turmeric Energizing Mask was enjoyable to use and instantly gave a brighter, healthier and less fatigued appearance to my skin and was pretty close to giving an "Instant Facial". 
"known ingredients proven to brighten and energise the skin."

I have written full reviews on both of these masks, so if your beauty budget
doesn't allow for the more expensive Kiehl's then don't hesitate to try the
L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask... its a GOOD DRUGSTORE DUPE...

*Prices were correct at the time of the original publications*

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