8 February 2018


I'm not generally one to opt for a "lazy beach" holiday I'm more
of a "cram it all in" type of vacationer, but sometimes I find it heavenly 
to just "park off" and do very little except laze around on a beach.

Recently these 5 Sun Products were carefully chosen to come away 
with me and spend 10 days in Mauritius and each one would perform a specific function.
Overall their job would be to protect our skin from sunburn, whilst
at the same time hopefully minimise the damage from the 
suns rays as much as possible.

Now the above may seem slightly excessive, but I was having to take into 
consideration that I was holidaying with two males who are highly opposed 
to applying any sun protection at all.

I'm sure we are all aware of the dangers of the sun
over exposure can be. Sunburn is not only extremely damaging to the skin 
but it can be an extremely painful and uncomfortable.
Here is a reminder of some guidelines to follow.

Apply the sunscreen product just before exposure.
Avoid exposure between 10am-2pm whenever possible
 Re-apply sun protection frequently and generously to maintain protection, 
especially after swimming, perspiring or towelling.
Do not stay in the sun too long, even while using a sunscreen product, 
because it does not provide you with a 100% protection. 
Avoid the eye area with sun products and wear sunglasses.
Always wear a hat to protect the hair and scalp

Having used only one of the above products previously I was looking forward to 
putting the others to the test.
With the exception of the lamelle, which is
Available at accredited Lamelle skin care suppliers and aesthetic doctors
countrywide the others are all available from either Clicks or Dischem.

Left - Right

Idealia Soleil SPF30 Anti Imperfection

(R285 50ml)

I included this product for my teenage "kiddiewink", as he
 has been prone to the usual teenage acne
issues, which thankfully have normalised over the past year. 
I knew that he would not use any sun protection that was too heavy
or would leave his skin feeling greasy or sticky.(his words)

This product is formulated to reduce the appearance of blemishes, 
pores and shine, whilst providing a High Protection of an
More importantly this product offers a non greasy texture and is
designed for daily use.
It's been tested on Acne prone skins,can be used on sensitive skins
and is paraben free.

My "kiddie wink" wasn't interested in the benefits of this sun product
he just wanted a product that he couldn't feel on his skin,stopped him
from burning and it mustn't "stink" (again his words)

Even though the cream initially felt rich it quickly absorbed and left
a matte non greasy feeling to the skin and it had a slight yet pleasant
On a side note my husband also decided to use this SPF on his face
for all the same reasons.
So if this sounds familiar with the males in your house then I can highly
 recommend this product, as it ticked all of theirs and my' boxes.


SPF50+ Suncreen Spray 200ml

(R299.95 200ml)

I included this Very High Protection SPF 50+ a very broad UVA & UVB protection
to apply on our bodies, especially important for those parts that don't
normally catch sight of the sun.
I find a spray so easy and convenient to use and this product leaves no
 white streaks.

Avène is formulated for sensitive skins, its hypoallergenic, non comodegenic 
and it protected us all well, especially in those early days at the beach.
Another hit with all the family.


(R237 40ml)

I decided to take along this tinted SPF 50 for my face to apply when I was
going out n about instead of wearing a foundation and not necessarily to 
wear at the beach.
My product was nearly finished and I have since discovered that this
product has been discontinued here in SA.
This product has since been replaced by the Photoderm MAX Aquafluid SPF 50+. 
Bioderma say that it has excellent sun protection technology and 
its new, even better texture leaves a velvety feel on the skin. 
It comes in 3 shades: Clear, fair and golden.
I did review the previous product some time ago and you can read my full review.
I'm hoping to review its replacement in the near future.



(R475 70ml)

For my face I opted for a more specialised sun product.
This South African home grown skin care brand lamelle have a range
Dermaheal that focuses  on the prevention and management
of the chronic processes of ageing, especially ageing that is
aggravated by sun exposure (photo-ageing).
Lamelle Dermaheal Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 offers 
a broad-spectrum 
sunscreen,whilst fighting free radicals with powerful antioxidants and its
suitable for all skin types. 
 It offers sufficient hydration without shine, gloss or stickiness.
I have been using this hydrating sunscreen everyday throughout summer
 and it works nicely under my foundation.



(R249.95 125ml)

I took this as a back up option for the "Kiddiewink" and the hubby
just in case I had an issue with the texture of the Avène body SPF.
Unfortunately I never got to use, but this Very High Protection
product has been formulated
especially for the delicate skin of babies and kids.

Whilst all of the above SPF'S are giving
 High Protection to Very High Protection from the sun
  I was more concerned about zero
burn and acheiving a healthy sun kissed colour and that's exactly 
what we all got.

Happy Holidays

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