28 May 2018


This product was part of my UK Haul that my London "Kiddiewink"
brought over for me in March this year.
It was a product I had seen on a previous visit and I was curious, as it sounded
perfect for people like "moi" living in sunny climes.

The Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Protect forms part of their Moisture Bomb
collection of products, but this particular product isn't available in South Africa,
 not as yet anyway.

On the surface this seems to be an interesting multi-tasking product of note. 
However, call me "Old School", I'm always sceptical
and doubtful when beauty products have been formulated to do
so much...

Advertised as 
A new generation of mist that instantly refreshes skin and protects it from daily aggressions: 
UV Pollution and oxidation.
 It combines antioxidant pomegranate, hydrating glycerin and UV Filters SPF 30
 in a texture as light and invisible as air.

It's presented in a handbag friendly on-the-go spray format and can be sprayed
anytime, anywhere either under or over make-up.

Whist the concept of this protecting product is somewhat unique and 
I had high hopes that this could become a daily spritz type product
for my skin in the Durban climate, I unfortunately I have two problems, 
which were "biggies" for me!

The spray is too forceful, its similar to the spray nozzle on a 
deodorant/anti perspirant.I seriously had difficulty in blasting this product
onto my face, as it seemed so alien and it also had that awful deodorant chemical
propellant smell, which sadly just made it a NO NO for me.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Face Mist can, lid on sitting on ice

I personally think it's misleading to call this product a mist, 
as for me it was definitely a spray and not a mist format.

I was also a little wary as to how even the distribution of the product was across
 my face.They recommend you shake the product well,close eyes and
 hold the container 15 cms away from your face and spray in a Z shape.
It also claims to be non greasy, however I could feel the
hydrating glycerin layer on my skin for some time after application.

I'm a daily user of mineral water sprays and they form an important part of my 
daily beauty regime and I was hoping that this would take that a step further
with the added protecting benefits.

Perhaps it is a great product that works well,I don't know, as for me it stumbled
at the application step...
Let me know in the comments below if you have tried and liked.

Here's a video from Garnier that sells you on the benefits of this type of
convenient spray product.

Despite normally rating Garnier skin care products I was disappointed 
with this product, however here are some of my other, more positive reviews.


Moisture Bomb Face Mist Protect and Hydrate 


Not Available



  1. So happy I read this before buying! I will not be a fan of this I think... xxxx


  2. It's a shame that the spray is forceful. I can't imagine having deodorant strength spray on my face... it sounds awful