17 July 2018


As I've said in previous posts I'm not one to rush in and buy beauty products
on a whim, I'm the type of person that decides to purchase only after 
doing some prior research.
In fact the few purchases that I have regretted have all been ones where 
I've rushed into buying without much thought.
There are so many reviews and articles online now that can help you to make
informed choices before parting with your hard earned cash.

My Top 5 Disliked Products of 2017

I'm sure we've all been guilty of buying that new shade of lipstick, even though 
we have several lipsticks almost identical or the latest de puffing eye product
 that just didn't live up to expectations and all too often these 
disappointing/duplicate/impulse buys 
end up at the back of a cupboard unused and unloved.

My weakness by the way happens to be nail polishes, I have too many in my 
stash that are so similar in shade, yet I continue to buy more and rarely 
ever finish a bottle of polish completely.

To find out which product I recently bought on impulse and now regret 
wasting my money Click here and it happens 
to be in this photo...

I always ask myself several questions to make me stop and think very carefully 
about whether the investment is absolutely necessary and with the high prices
 of skincare and make-up items today, I find I'm asking myself these questions 
 more frequently.
I thought I would share these tips in the hope that they may also help you to 
avoid buying unnecessary beauty items and wasting money.

Here are the questions that I run through my mind in order to establish 
whether that new beauty addition is warranted or not:

Is it a product that I'm lacking in my beauty regime?
This is a question that's easy to answer a quick "yes" to, but seriously think and 
 consider if your beauty regime needs it or not.

Do you have similar unfinished products in my collection
 if so then think about finishing them before replacing.

Is it a product that focuses on the current needs of my skin?
With age the needs and the priorities from skincare and make-up change
and you need to adapt your product purchases as required, so if you're not moving forward,
 especially in regards to the ongoing advancement in skincare 
 then I suggest you reassess your skincare and make-up regime.

Cross check the product price per millilitre
All too often smaller quantities of drugstore products can equate (ml for ml) 
to the same price and sometimes even more expensive than
 a perceived high end, more specialised product equivalent.

Is it a "gimmicky" beauty product and should you be buying into it?
Many products, especially seasonal make-up launches, are often short lived 
and inevitably end up in the cosmetics reduced bin.
So don't be tempted by the pink sparkles in a facial mask or that
 fancy yet totally impractical packaging.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips that you use 
to avoid those non essential Impulse beauty purchases...

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