Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Summer is on its way, but are your feet ready? 

Most probably your reply is no! Well its time to get them ready!

The easiest and quickest option is to book an appointment for a pedicure at a beauty salon or nail bar. You will step out 45 minutes or an hour later with feet feeling smoother,softer and more moisturised and your toe nails will be trimmed and filed and painted beautifully. 
The whole experience should be relaxing,calming and most of all enjoyable and not like 
"My Nightmare Pedi" that I blogged about a couple of weeks back Click here to read

There is nothing worse in my mind than seeing unpainted,uncut toe nails and cracked heels on display for all to see in summer sandals..
If you know that your feet are not in the best condition and have some issues then rather go to the experts and then maintain yourself at home.
I combine salon "pedi's" with home ones and I find this works for me!

If your budget doesn't stretch to a professional "Pedi" then you can always "DIY" at home.

The tools and procedure for a "DIY" pedicure:

  • Remove any old nail polish from the toes nails.
  • Fill a Foot spa or large bowl with warm relaxing, fragrant water to soften and clean the feet.There are several foot soaking products out there,so choose one that takes your fancy! Soak feet for at least 10-15 minutes. If you have flowers growing in your garden then throw a few petals in the water, as this just adds to the feeling of indulgence!
  • Exfoliation is the next step, as this is important to remove the dead skin cells and it leaves your feet and lower leg soft and smooth and more receptive to any massage cream. My favourite foot scrub is the one from Lush called "Happy feet" Read Lush Review Here  Exfoliate your foot as well as your lower leg up to the knee. Follow your product instructions and then rinse.
  • This would also be the ideal time to remove any areas of hard skin with a foot file,scraper or pumice type stone. This is really a matter of your personal preference as there are so many on the market.Always follow the manufacturers instructions.

  • Towel dry your feet well especially between your "tootsies". Use nice,clean, fluffy towels, as again it adds to the whole enjoyment of this pampering "pedi". If you want to go one step further, then light a fragrance candle and what better than a "Fluffy Towels" Yankee Candle....blissssss. 

  • Cut or trim your toe nails if required, don't cut them too short though and file. My personal favourite id the Trind Professional  Glass File.Read Trind Review Here.  With regards to cutting your cuticles I always leave this up to the professionals to do as I personally find it difficult to do on myself.

  • For the next step..the massage.. try and get someone to do it for you. Remember to always work "up" the lower leg towards the Lymph node at the back of the knee as this will help with drainage. Massage for as long as time allows, as to me this is the best part! My favourite foot cream is the Shea Foot Cream from L'Occitane.

  • Before you start to paint you must remove any of the cream from your toes nails with Varnish Remover.
  • Apply a Base Coat,then two coats of colour and a top coat and your feet are ready to go!

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