Sunday, 14 October 2012


I have not bought or used an emery board for many years, as I always use a glass nail file and they last a lifetime! Well! that was until I misplaced mine somewhere....lost it somewhere to be more precise!
I recently replaced my AWOL glass nail file with the Trind one below and it has made my "Must Have" list without any hesitation....I cannot tell you how much kinder it is on the nails and although a pricey initial investment @R245, it is well worth it.

The Trind Professional Glass File is patented and made out of durable glass. This makes this file a professional instrument of the highest possible quality. The Trind Professional Glass File can last a lifetime and is easy to use. This file is also available in the Trind Magic Box, a “magical” box, in which you can protect your file from breaking. Very handy for in your handbag! Surely I can't lose this one!

Be careful: there are also imitation (crystal) files on the market. These files are provided with fine glass grit, which is glued to the file surface. When this file is intensively used, it will be worn out quickly and will require replacement.

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  1. Been using my Trind Lass File for almost 2 years now!!!! Can't do without!!!

  2. Thanks Leona I couldn't agree more...I won't use an emery board/file again!