Friday, 19 April 2013


There is no denying, that along with thousands of others across South Africa , I am a true Woolworths "foodie" fan, so this weeks Friday Finds has taken on a "Foodie" theme.

1. Willow Creek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I have read a couple of articles recently about this award winning Olive Oil
 from the Nuy Valley in the Cape, so I am ditching my "Italian"
 for a "South African" when it comes my next purchase.


2. Chilli Salami Sticks.
8 sticks

When it comes to food I have bit of a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I am not actually sure if you can be OCD about eating a particular food item, but for the purpose of this post humour me! These Chilli Sticks have been available for some time now and I cannot resist the temptation of buying a packet every time I go to "Woolies" food market....That "hit" of Chilli is too hard to ignore and I can devour the 8 sticks before the car has even left the car park. For those that don't want to become addicted like me then go for the plain option,which are also good. Thankfully they have no added MSG, but as for the other nutritional values, I dare not read the back of the packet. Sometimes ignorance is "bliss"
My only complaint would be the price especially as they were
 initially R19.99 and have recently jumped to R21.99


3. Strawberries & Cream Bon Bons.
150 g

I haven't tried these fruit flavoured hard candy yet, but anything strawberry and it is bound to be liked by "moi"...I'm not sure how these sweeties escaped my attention, but I can assure you, that.. I am on "it".


4. Fresh Green Split Pea & Vegetable Soup with leeks, carrots, garlic and turnips.

I do enjoy a good wholesome tasty soup and often make my own in winter, but this soup is simply "delish" and my whole family agree....not only is it the cheapest of all their fresh soup collection, it really is one of the tastiest. It also freezes well.


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  1. I sometimes just live on Woolworths soup! I am loving the paw print rhino sweets as well at the moment