7 November 2012


Molton Brown has been available for over 2 years now in South Africa, but this quintessential British export has been "wowing" its followers worldwide for nearly 40 years....so what is Molton Brown?

The natural and alternate hairdressing salon opened in 1973 and took its name from the street it was situated on...Molton Street London. Soon the salon created their own natural hair & body products and as the saying goes "the rest is history".

Molton Brown consists of  product ranges for the bath, body, hair, men, home, gifting and travel using the finest plant and marine extracts. Over 85% of their products are produced in England. Now available in 70 countries worldwide this brand remains proudly British!

I remember fondly of a trip to London in the late 70's as a trainee Beauty Therapist making a "beeline" for Molton Brown on Molton Street.....hoping to walk in and get an appointment to have my hair cut....Oh dear! what naivety....

The reason for this post, is that way back in May I received an exclusive Stuttafords "Glossybox" that contained a travel size (30ml) of the "heavenly gingerlily moisture bath & shower gel". 
I cannot believe that this was lying in a drawer begging me to try it for over five months! As though this wasn't bad enough, I also found a beautiful travel sized Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, so more on that in a later post...

300ml R265

For those that know me well, I am a lover of my bath much preferring to a shower... 
The name heavenly is very apt, as the fragrance is absolutely heavenly when you add to your running water. 
For me a Foam bath must be as much about the fragrance and it benefits, as the staying power and volume of the bubbles, as you can't have one without the other....and all these I found to be great in this product,however I would have liked it to be a little more moisturising....would I buy it? Yes as the fragrance is far too "yummy" to resist...

Molton Brown products are available in Stuttafords and selected Red Squares.

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