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R465 50mls

I'm sensing that I am getting a reputation for being the "Exfoliating Queen" but I cannot help it as I do passionately believe that one of the key products to anti-ageing, is the weekly use of an exfoliator or scrub!
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I worked many years ago with Guinot products, back in the day when it was called René Guinot named after the founder, who was a pioneering French biochemist in the 1960s.He realised that extracts of plants and fruit could slow down the skin’s ageing process. Over the years the name René has been dropped and now it is just known as Guinot..

recently tried the Gommage Biologique Peeling Radiance Gel…This product is full of little surprises, as it is not what you expect from an exfoliator...
What I instantly noticed was the distinct lack of any “fruity” smell despite the product containing Natural Fruit Acids, the product is fairly neutral in its aroma.
Only a small amount of the pearly gel is needed, as I discovered when I squeezed too much out, so therefore ended up using the product not only on my face, neck and décolleté, but way down on to my chest…..The gel is to be massaged and worked into the skin and as you massage the gel becomes warm and more emollient….and quite miraculously turns into an oil. You must massage for several minutes and then rinse with water and carry on with your usual routine. Use once or twice a week is recommended.

This Radiance Gel does not work on the same principle as most exfoliators do, as it has no granules or grains to mechanically remove the dead cells, but rather the gentle fruit acids exfoliate the skin and activate cell regeneration. It also contains Shea Butter which is great for nourishing and moisturising and Green Tea.

Would I buy this product?
Unfortunately not, but only due to the fact that I am not the correct candidate for this type of peel!

Would I recommend this product?
Yes! as it was easy, enjoyable & gentle to use and did leave the skin smoother & looking more radiant. It's perfect for a sensitive skin or if you do not like the conventional granulular types of exfoliators.

Available only through Guinot institutes.For more info re Guinot products and salons visit

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