Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Getting a lift to and from the King Shaka International airport north of Durban is not always easy, as often you are relying on your partner or a friend to help you out in the early or late hours of the day. Depending on the length of your business trip or holiday it's often not cost effective to take your own car and park it at the airport.....Not only is the parking expensive, but I returned once to find that my car had been bumped whilst parked. On another occasion I came back to find that I had a flat tyre ! To add to this frustration it was also pouring with rain and the outside, shade cloth parking offered me no protection and all this after a tiring week long business trip. 
All I wanted at 8pm was to get home to my family ...and have a nice Strawberry Daiquiri..made by my "better half". 
How I wished Durban Shuttle Services were around then!


Durban Shuttle Services is an easy and convenient way to taxi around Durban. Hassle free booking, competitive pricing and professional service 

I have used the service and I can highly recommend, as the booking was very easy and efficient and they re confirmed...it was also punctual and most importantly for me the driving was steady and safe, not like some of the "hair raising" trips that I have experienced over the years...
Michael the owner/driver is very helpful and knowledgeable,so for anyone coming from overseas or out of town...He is a "driving" computer of advice and useful tips on the region!

The rates "to and from" the airport are dependant on where you stay, as there are 5 Zones.
Zone 1- the one way rate is R250 up to R450 for Zone 5.

For more info visit www.durbanshuttleservices.co.za

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