1 November 2012


Whilst on a visit to Dischem La Lucia recently I came across a couple of interesting things..

You can always buy "collection" boxes of the deluxe size perfumes or edt's, either at the Duty Free at the airports or on the actual plane itself, but it is becoming more and more difficult to find them for sale as singles..
Many people have miniture fragrance collections on the "go", but to expand and grow the collection is becoming more difficult. 
These sizes are also great for buying in order to "trial" the fragrance before investing hundreds of rands on the full retail sizes.

I would imagine that each Dischem may differ in which brands they have available, but the one's below sell for between R50 & R70.

I love finding a "Cheap n Cheerful" (CnC) like this collection of leak proof, plastic travel containers.
 For some time now we have had the problem of not being able to take more than 100mls of any liquid onto the aircraft in your cabin baggag. It's always a problem when flying on a long haul flight overnight as you still need to stick to your beauty routine.I always take samples to use, but these containers will do the trick very nicely, for both outward and inward bound flights.
The assortment of dispensing styles will suit everything from your cleansers to your body lotions. The set also includes five round screw top containers that are ideal for all your moisturises,eye creams etc. The pack even comes with a set of labels...and all this for R27.99 
Now that's a good CnC..

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