2 November 2012


Some people are more prone to lipstick bleed than others, so how do you prevent it from happening? Try these tips.

  • Exfoliate your lips weekly. See a previous post Click here to read 
  • When you apply your foundation take it over the lip area and seal with a face powder or better still a foundation powder. This will help to give a matte canvas. The powder will absorb the oils from the lipstick and also hold the colour in place on your lips for longer!
  • Apply a lip liner in a similar shade around the lip line, as this will help contain the bleed or feathering.
  • Avoid very glossy moist lipsticks, as this will only encourage the lipstick to travel.
  • Apply your lipstick with a lip brush to give a better line around the lip edge.
  • After the one application you can also try blotting the lips with a tissue and then re apply a second time.

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