6 May 2015


Over the years I have had many pedicures, some good, some bad and some that have left me physically injured!
To me a pedicure is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing of all the beauty treatments you can have. I have decided to do a series of posts on my experiences with pedicures and rate them accordingly.
***** are up for grabs in the seven scoring areas.

I'm really not expecting to find a perfect pedi on my quest, as I believe its quite a tall ask, but I will bring you my personal findings on the day of each pedicure I experience.

                                                                    Onwards in my quest: 

1. Booking Process: ****

I  booked over the phone and my booking was handled professionally, but no sms confirmation was sent.Sorbet salons have popped up all over the country in the last few years and most are run as a franchise, so the chances are there is one in a major shopping centre near you.

2. Bonjour: ***
Upon my arrival I was greeted and introduced to my pedicurist and asked to choose my polish.However I wasn't offered any drink at this point, but I was asked during the course of my pedi.

3. Ambiance:***

In my pursuit of the perfect pedi I realize that I am not comparing apples with apples when it comes to visiting a Spa for a pedicure as opposed to a nail bar or salon. I feel that the ambiance is an important factor in my overall pleasure of the pedi and in most cases the Spas win hands down. The ambiance in this Sorbet salon whilst being very pleasant was in no way a match for my two previous spa reviews.

4. Product : ****
Where the Sorbet salon loses a star for ambiance it reclaims it in the product section. Sorbet salons have a great collection of nail products to choose from OPI, Morgan Taylor and Essie and most are available to purchase. Sorbet have recently launched their own nail colour range and ancillary mani and pedi products. (I love their range of nail polish removers with the salon pump)
All Sorbet salons stock Dermalogica, which is a great salon brand along with Environ and their own Sorbet range of face and body products.

5. Treatment: ***
The treatment that lasted an hour included the obligatory and necessary soak and exfoliation (using Sorbet products) in yet another plastic bowl. The order of the pedicure was different to the norm and the way I was taught, as the soak was literally a quick dip in warm water and out again and then a longer soak later on in the pedicure, by which time the water was barely luke warm. I was alarmed that the exfoliating treatment was only to my feet and toes and not to the lower leg, yet the massage was performed on my lower leg up to the knee.I have to be honest and say I didn't like this order, especially as I felt a little cheated. Never having had a Sorbet pedi before I am not sure if this is a Sorbet procedure or the pedicurist's own method.
My pedicurist was friendly and attentive, but was a little lacking when it came to the filing and massaging, however she did paint well.

6. Au Revoir: ***
My "checkout" was handled efficiently and I was asked if I would like to enrol in their Loyalty program which I did, as it is linked with the clicks loyalty. Unfortunately I wasn't asked if I would like to re book another pedi.

7. Was it a perfect pedi ?
Unfortunately not, but having said this I will try another Sorbet salon, just to compare and find out about that unusual order of the pedicure.

For more info on Sorbet Salons visit

Shop 06 Granada Square 
16 Chartwell Drive 
Umhlanga Rocks

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