27 May 2015


I am always on the look out for brands that offer effective, yet reasonably priced cleansers and toners, as this is an area where you can save some money if you are on a tight budget. 
Any savings can then be used towards purchasing, in my opinion, more important treatment creams or serums.

Not having used Garnier products previously other than their

I wasn't sure what to expect, but today Garnier is the 2nd largest brand in L’Oreal group and is sold in more than 64 countries including South Africa.
( I actually purchased the Softening Cleansing Lotion Goodbye Dry and the corresponding Softening Toner Goodbye Dry on a savings promotion from Boots in the UK,
both together were £4 approx R72.80 R18.20=£1) 

This purchase wasn't exactly on the cards,but I was left no choice as I had forgotten to pack my regulars. This lapse of memory was soon turned into an opportunity to buy and try new products.

My normal to dry mature skin seemed a perfect fit, so what were my impressions. 
Initially, it's the fragrance of both of these products that hits you on use, as "faint it ain't", now don't get me wrong I loved the floral aroma and if pink were a fragrance then this would be it, but it is pungent and even though the range is suitable for sensitive skins, I felt some sensitive users may not like the fact that it is so highly perfumed.
Both products were a pleasure to use, effective, gentle and left no feeling of tightness, only comfort to a perfectly cleansed and toned skin.I did experience a softness to my skin that sometimes is hard to find even with a high end cleansing duo. I didn't test the cleansing lotion on waterproof make-up, as I don't wear and I avoided using over the eye area, as I prefer to use a specific eye make-up remover. However the lotion can be used over the face and eyes as a 2in1 cleanser. 

Both are enriched with softening Cherry Tree and soothing Moringa extracts and have no parabens.
My only complaint is with the toner nozzle, 
you may remember my moan about the nozzle on another L'Oreal product

Gentle Make-Up Remover Eyes 

it's too big and it means you haven't really got much control over the amount of toner your dispense onto your cotton wool, hence on several occasions I ended up with a completely saturated cotton pad, so irritating as the toner will need replacing long before the cleanser. 

Luckily the retail price is affordable at R64.95 for 200mls and really offers great value for money. 

Other treatment products are available in the same range.
You can find Garnier products at Dis-Chems and Clicks countrywide.


  1. These look great I am a huge fan of Garnier products


  2. I enjoyed using both and they offer great value for money!