26 June 2015


I always say that I have a Love/Hate relationship with the American brand Kiehls...
I either "Love" a product or "Hate" a product.....
I wouldn't say that I really "hate" as that's a harsh word, its more a dislike for some of their product offerings.
After saying that, I do rate several of their products very highly and after being in the skincare and cosmetic business for the past 35 years I don't bestow praise or accolades to easily!

Being a brand that markets slightly differently with a "Try Before You Buy" concept and no Gift with purchase....I suggest that you don't miss out on the Kiehls 20% Off Promotion this weekend in South Africa and if you are not sure what to buy then read my reviews on some of my "best" picks from this brand.

The Discount promotion lasts for two days
 27th & 28th June 2015
is available at:

  Sandton City
 Canal Walk

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