Sunday, 8 May 2016


I think I have a slight obsession with nourishing Lip Balms and Lip creams, as I always have one close at hand, in fact I sometimes have two or three in my handbag and at any one time I could have 5-6 on the go. 
My lips go through phases where they feel perfectly quenched and comfortable one week and then quickly become parched the next, hence my need and desire to find and try different ones.

On a recent trip to Clicks (exclusive stockists of Avène) I bought this Lip Cream with Cold Cream from the French brand Avène
I have reviewed several of their products over the recent months and this brand is becoming a firm favourite of mine.

Avène Cold Cream Lip Cream

The motivation for buying this particular Lip Balm was my recent trip to the UK, as I just know the weather plays havoc with my lips during every visit. Not only does the long haul flight dehydrate your skin, but the cold UK weather sends my skin, especially my lips, into a state of shock. 
We left sunny Durban experiencing daily temperatures of 30c plus and arrived in London albeit bright, but a cold 9c....
I hope now you can understand why I wanted to find a product that would really comfort, nourish and prevent the unflattering  ugly cracked, dry lip look...

The Avène Lip Cream with Cold Cream forms part of a Cold Cream product line and is particularly indicated for dry, chapped or cracked lips following climatic aggressions or drying medical treatments.

This was lip balm was screaming from the shelf "Buy me" and I am so glad that this little tube found its way into my bag for its journey to the UK.
It made a perfect lip and travel companion as it was not only was easy to use, but thanks to the inclusion of cold cream it nourished, moisturised and the Avène Thermal Spring Water soothed and softened, but its benefits don't stop there as it also helps to repair.
 It was a lip "Life Saver" and one I would highly recommend for use where climatic changes play havoc with your lips and I can imagine that it would be a great comfort when taking medication that is known to dry and dehydrate the skin.

Exclusive to Clicks 

The Avène Lip Balm with Cold Cream
15ml tube
Retails for R99,95

To find out more about this product and brand

Just as a footnote to this post this photo was taken by the Thames on a rainy, cold day and you can see how cold it was by the look on my face.
Thank goodness for my warm coat and furry hood, but my hands were permanently in my pockets of which one housed my Avène Lip Balm for quick and regular application.

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  1. I am always on the hunt for an awesome lip balm as I experience the same problem as you. Will definitely try this one. Tank you.