Monday, 23 May 2016


Argan Oil 

You now find this wonder ingredient included in a variety of products ranging from 
hair & skincare to makeup and guess what!.... 
it's now in a depilatory cream.

 Nair have just launched in South Africa an interesting range of 7 depilatory products which all contain
Nair Argan Oil. 

Shower Power Cream 200ml R124.95
Upper Lip Kit 220ml R94.95
Face Roll-On 15ml R189.95
Facial Brush-On 50ml R84.95
Bikini & Underarm Sensitive Glide-On 100ml R89.95
Bikini Brush-On 60ml R99.95
Washable Roll-On Wax R279.95

Nair Argan Oil

It seems an obvious combination to me, considering that depilatory products do contain chemicals that come into contact with delicate skin, especially in sensitive areas like under the arms and along the bikini line. 
Argan Oil is known for its softening, soothing, nourishing and more importantly healing properties and these are all super beneficial to the skin when using a depilatory cream. 

This range of Nair Argan Oil products now cares for the skin whilst effectively removing any unwanted hair. The skin, post depilation, will feel softer and smoother 
and that sounds like a "no brainer" to me if I was faced with a shelf of hair removing products...some including Argan Oil and some without.

However as always I will be putting a product to the test 
and I will tell it as it is, so watch out for my review soon on the 
Bikini & Underarm Sensitive Glide-On.

Nair Argan Oil 
exclusive to Clicks countrywide.

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