22 May 2016


I don't believe that I'm writing yet another post about my love/hate relationship with the 
US skin and body care brand Kiehl's, 
but I am!

Over the past couple of years I've tried and written about several Kiehl's products and it still remains a brand that I can't get my head around, as some of their products are firm regulars in my daily skincare regime and I can't live without them, whilst others I just don't get along with at all. 

I have been in the beauty industry for over 35 years and in that time I have used so many products from many different brands and generally I either dislike a brand completely for whatever reason or I love a brand, but with Kiehl's I find my
self having one cheek on the love side and one cheek on the hate side 
(excuse the change of word, didn't sound right using the word foot) 

Unfortunately the 
Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream with Vitamin C
has found itself on the hate side.

BB creams also happen to be a concept that I battle to get my head around, as I am sceptical about multi tasking miracle creams, which many profess to be, whilst others in my opinion appear to be glorified tinted moisturizers.

Actively Correcting & Beautyifying BB Cream with Vitamin C 30ml

KIEHL'S say that their Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream is more than a BB Cream, due to its dual-action formula, which instantly conceals imperfections with lightweight buildable coverage and visibly corrects the appearance of skin tone irregularities on a daily basis.

I have been using 2 samples of the product for the past week and whilst I cannot comment on any cumulative effect that the product claims to have, I can comment on the immediate benefits.

I so wanted to like this product, but for me I could unfortunately only gleam 4 positives.


1. Delivers a Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA+++ giving a good protection against any future damage from the sun.
2. Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, Silicone Free and Mineral Oil Free.
3. Contains Vitamin C which not only helps to brightening but has several anti-aging effects on the skin.
4. Available in a selection of 4 natural mineral pigment shades ranging from fair to dark.
(I used light which was the good shade for me)


1. This product has that distinct Vitamin C smell similar to that of fake tan, which was an immediate "put off" pour moi.
2. The texture, whilst feeling like a fluid upon application, felt incredibly heavy on my dry/normal mature skin. (I tried using less but it felt no different)
3. Whilst it is build-able the more you apply the heavier it feels on the skin.
4. It can be applied in the morning alone after your daily skincare products, however it left my skin feeling sticky for quite sometime, which was really unpleasant.
5. When applied under my foundation it still felt too heavy and made my skin look uncharacteristically oily and shiny. I battled to apply and blend my make-up evenly, especially powder blushers etc.
6. Sadly I didn't notice any beautifying effects on my skin and it failed to instantly conceal any of my imperfections and the coverage was more on the light to sheer scale and no better than a poor tinted moisturiser.

Final note...
I am still confused with this product, as I'm not sure who it is appealing to or what skin type its aimed at.Maybe the cumulative effects are amazing, but in the short term it was a complete and utter fail for me.

I cannot believe I am typing this, but it has to rate high up on my list of most disliked products EVER.

Maybe I am missing something with this product, so please let me know in the comment box below if you have used and what your thoughts are.

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