4 September 2018


 "Spring has Sprung" 

in the Southern Hemisphere and it's the perfect time to do that all important 
task of checking the expiry dates on your make-up and skincare products. 
You know, those items that are in your make-up bag, bathroom cupboard 
and especially make-up in stored handbags (I find so many lipsticks in my handbags)
 Well now is the time to lift them out and check them.
This past weekend I've taken the time and done this very task and I have to say 
it always feels good, like any Spring Clean does.

If a beauty product has an expiry date on and many skincare products do 
then it's easy to work through your beauty stash, but if they don't, 
here's a guide.

If you have any of the below items (and we all have some)
way older than what the list recommends then de-clutter and toss them in the bin,
 as they have no place in your beauty life.

After saying that, I do have products that I have been using for slightly longer 
than the recommended timings and in my opinion they're still good. 

If you're in any doubt at all, then simply chuck it out, 
as it really isn't worth risking infection 
(especially from products that come into contact with the eye area)
 from any "Jimmy Germs" lurking.

3-4 months

Eye Liner & Lip Pencils 
12-18 months

Liquid Eyeliner
 6 months or less

Lipsticks and Lip Glosses 
1 year

Cream Eye shadows and Blushers 
6-12 months

Powder Blushers and Eye Shadows
 1-2 years

Liquid Foundations and concealers
 6-12 months

Nail Polish
 1 year

But how do you know, how long a product is good for once opened?
Many products now have a (PAO) Period After Opening  
and is represented by similar logos below. 
Period after opening (PAO) refers to the amount of time a product will remain
 stable and safe for human use after it has first been opened. 

If your product displays this logo then you know that your product is good for
 that number of months after opening.
(The problem can sometimes be remembering when you first opened the product)

However if any make-up, skincare or haircare products:

 Smell rancid or Waxy


   Have been exposed to really excessive heat

                                        The colour or consistency has noticeably changed 
                                                          Shows signs of visible mould

Then immediately discard.


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