6 September 2018


This is only the third time I've written a post like this, where I tell you about the products that I've bought and haven't been able to finish for whatever reason.

I, like many of you I'm sure , hate to waste money on poor performing products 
and whilst there are several that I maybe wouldn't buy again I am always 
able to finish the product, learn and move on. 
However the three below products are ones that I just couldn't finish, 
as they added no benefit or pleasure to my beauty life.
Also Considering how many different types of products I use, thankfully it doesn't
 happen too often.

Here are my three most recent products that have ended up in the
 "give to a friend" box, but after emptying the box I can't subject or insult 
my friends by giving away two of the below, that's if I want to keep them as friends, 
so sadly they'll end up in the trash.


L'Oréal Elvive Low Shampoo 
Gentle Cleansing Cream

I had high hopes for this Low Shampoo, as I really wanted to move away from
 the more traditional shampoos, but sadly I just couldn't get to grips with 
the fact that there was little or no suds to work with. 
I just felt that my hair wasn't thoroughly clean
 after each wash and whilst it may have been better in the long run
for my hair, it certainly 
wasn't better physiological for me...


Body Shop Instaglow CC cream

This product was simply a disaster for me as it didn't enhance my skin whatsoever,
 yet I've read reviews where the users have raved about it, but obviously 
I missed the appeal of this product. It was what I describe as a
 "nothing product".


Garnier Moisture Bomb Protect Mist

This was somewhat of an impulse purchase and if you read my blog regularly
 you will know that I normally do a certain amount of research about a product  
before I outlay any money especially on new products. 
In theory this product seemed to tick several boxes as a handy
 multi-purpose SPF spray, however again, for me it was a fail. 
I couldn't get past the initial spray stage, as it seemed so alien to me to
 spray a product on my face that resembles a deodorant spray.
 I also had my concerns about the evenness of the application where the 
SPF was concerned, as living in a sunny climate I needed to know that 
 the layer of sun protection was even and consistent with its coverage.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the 
above and whether you rate them or not...


  1. So glad I read this, as I actually originally wanted to pick the Garnier spray up. I'd rather try out the Vichy invisible mist that is SPF50 and contains thermal water!


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