2 September 2018


It's time for my July & August Monthly Favourites post and just as a reminder, 
I do try many products over a two month period.
Only my true, absolute faves will make an appearance on this type of post, 
those products that I can confidently recommend you to buy and ones I would
confidently re-purchase with my own money.


As you can see I'm becoming a bit huge fan of Urban Decay. 
They recently opened a store not 3 minutes from house which is going to be 
a problem for my credit card, I can already sense it. 
As their logo says its "Beauty with an Edge" but don't be put if you think you're 
not edgy (I'm certainly not) as I found out they have a great selection of lipsticks
 and I've fallen in love with the texture of their Vice Cream Lipsticks.


Sticking with Urban Decay I also found my all time favourite eye and face palette
(and that's some claim coming from me) 
and I'm already stressing slightly, as to what I'll do when mine comes to an end,
 as it is a Ltd Edition and it's already sold out here in South Africa.
However, a little bird has told me that 30 more BACKTALK palette may, only may 
 appear on their website in October,
 so check out my review below to find out why I love this palette so much.
(I suggest that you sign up to their newsletter to be kept in the UD beauty loop..
I have) 


It seems so long ago since I reviewed this True Match Highlight from L'Oréal 
and I'm still loving it. 
My tube is sadly depleting and hopefully it's a basic stock item and I can pick one
 up on my next trip to the UK in November, but it would be even better if 
L'Oréal launched it here in SA for summer.

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