12 September 2018


Dr Gobac isn't a brand that I'm too familiar with, other than having heard of the 
brand and knowing that it's a South African Cosmeceutical range retailed through
skincare specialists,salons,spas and dermatologists I know little else.

But first lets address what Cosmeceutical products are and how do they differ 
from Cosmetic products:

Cosmeceutical products contain key active ingredients in high enough 
concentrations to effect positive changes in the skin. 
These active ingredients penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin and act on 
the skin’s cellular structure, stimulating the production of healthy collagen. 
They are stronger than cosmetic grade products, but they do not require a medical prescription to dispense.  
A skin analysis and consultation with a therapist is recommended to address skin 
concerns and conditions before using a Cosmeceutical product.

I was kindly sent this cleanser by the PR company and as I'm always on the look out 
for new products and ranges to try and even more so if they up the anti 
with my existing anti ageing skincare regime.

Let me give you a brief overview of the ethos of DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS

The DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS range of products is created to be simple, 
easy to use, eco and health friendly and they are not tested on animals
The range is based on DR. GOBAC’s own experience as a medical doctor 
and practitioner of integrated health. 
After many years of intense scientific research DR. GOBAC and his team of
 chemists and scientists have developed this advanced and high effective
 skin care range.
DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS products are non-invasivenon-aggressive 
and offer a healthy approach to combating signs of ageing by
 stimulating and facilitating the skin’s natural healing process.

is formulated to cleanse gently but thoroughly while preserving the 
skin’s natural hydro lipidic barrier. 
This milky, fragrance free, soothing cleanser has both anti-bacterial and 
anti-inflammatory properties, making it an absolute pleasure to use. 
(This cleanser is used in the conventional way and can be removed
with either water or cotton wool)

I put this cleanser to the test in various ways and it removed 
heavy make up, as part of a double cleanse, with surprising ease.
Yet it was remarkably gentle when a single cleanse was all that was needed
 on those no make-up days.
I can only imagine how wonderfully soothing and healing this cleanser would be 
on a sensitive, delicate skin.
(They do have a face wash available if you're not a milky cleanser lover)

I really enjoyed the packaging, as it comes in an airless pump dispenser ensuring
 that it remains contaminant free, which is vital for a compromised skin, 
especially after any facial procedure.
Another plus for this type of container is that you can easily control the amount
 of product dispensed ensuring less product wastage and that feature
 always gets my vote.

Overall I was impressed with my first product from the 
DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS Range and whilst a cleanser is a good intro product,
they appear to have a highly effective,compact anti-ageing range
 consisting of Vitamin A & Regenerating Serums and even advanced anti-ageing
which I have to say, are all up "my skincare street".

Hopefully I will bring you some more reviews in the future.

is available at selected stockist s throughout Europe and the UK.
For a list of stockists or to order online 




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