25 November 2018


I think after nail polishes, lipsticks and lip glosses are my most purchased beauty items, which I think could be the norm for many of us.
 It's an affordable "pick me up" product that can instantly change your look 
and often your mood.
I tend to buy and then use that particular shade for weeks until another shade takes over and I very rarely repeat purchase the same lipstick or gloss. 

I have three that I've recently been loving and are currently finding a home in my handbag.
Now I know that they're all very similar in shade, but the mauve/pink/nude
 type of shading is what I enjoy and more importantly shades that I find flattering.
I have written full reviews on two of the below so to read more click on the 
Pink Links 


This Urban Decay HI FI SHINE Lipgloss has been my go to lipgloss
since I purchased it several months ago.
Not only do I love the packaging and the applicator, but this shade Backtalk
compliments my palette of the same name,so well.


Another Urban Decay lip product that has stolen my "lipstick heart"of late
is in the form of the Vice Creme Lipstick in the shade Violate.
Again the super sleek packaging of this luxury product won me over, but the creamy formula is what's important, as it glides onto the lips beautifully and I will definitely
 be buying more from their huge shade selection.


This next lipstick was not one I purchased, but one that I received free
in a recent issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine.
Often the shades that are offered as freebies never seem to suit me,
but this from Woolworths own brand WBEAUTY Hydro Lipstick did 
and I love topping this shade KOKI with a clear/pearly lipgloss.
Its moisturising texture has also won me over and again more shade
purchases could be on the cards in the near future.

Let me know in the comments below if any of these are your
 current favourite lipsticks.

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