4 November 2018


Some time ago I bought several Urban Decay products and I have slowly been reviewing them over the past few months.
This is my final product from that recent haul and again I've been blown away
by how impressed I have been with each and every product that I bought.

What I've experienced over the years is that I perhaps love some products from a brand
 and then I find some that hugely disappoint,but so far this hasn't
happened with Urban Decay and I'm sure they've got some weaker products
lurking in their product lineup.

As I've said in my previous reviews Urban Decay is for all ages and I'm proof of that and whilst UD, isn't budget in price it has delivered on product performance
and just as important, its been so enjoyable to use. So if you want to know what products I highly recommend then check out my full reviews.

I do love a good Lip Gloss and the HI-FI Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss appealed 
to me instantly.
Laced with vitamin E and peppermint oil, the hydrating formula leaves lips feeling nourished, has an immediate plumping effect and comes in a yummy vanilla-mint flavour.
 This gloss is super comfortable to wear and doesn't have a sticky or tacky feel to it
which so many lip glosses can have.
 Unfortunately as we age, the lines around our mouth become deeper and more noticeable and the last thing we need is a feathering, bleeding lipstick or lip gloss that draws attention to the mouth area,
so good news... this one doesn't do either, but what it does do is
 instantly makes those thinning lips feel plumper. 
There are 22 shades to chose from and covers everything from blaring brights 
to soft neutrals in four different effects—metallic, holographic, cream and sheer cream.  
I must say some colours and the effects are way out there
 for the more mature of us, whilst other shades are just perfect.
I opted for the shade BACKTALK to compliment my BACKTALK palette 
and it was right up my "Lipstick Street".
(cream formula, not super glossy, perfect shade)

It's described as a Mauve-nude pink and even though its richly pigmented the longevity can't be compared to my Vice Cream Lipstick, but as far as lip glosses fair,
 it made me Urban Decay happy...

I must also mention the sleek packaging which has 2 clear shade sides that 
and allows for a quick colour check and grab out of the depths of a handbag.
Another interesting and noticeable feature of this lip gloss is the latest technology
 flexible, flocked-silicone paddle applicator that
 allows you to swipe on a generous, even layer of gloss and there's no need to double dip.
This technology also prevents the applicator from disintegrating and the neck of the 
gloss stays fairly clean unlike some that get so dirty and sticky with gloss build up. 





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