Friday, 23 November 2012


To all  "Chocoholics" alike and there are plenty of you out there, I thought I would bring you some of the Christmas offerings from Lindt...The Master Swiss Chocolatier since 1845.

Lindt is my chocolate of choice here in South Africa, but the selection of brands is limited..and the options like Beacon and Cadbury's don't really do it for me! 
I have a long association with Lindt, as a child back in the UK, my best was a box of eight Lindt Chocolate bunnies or bears. I just remember at the time thinking how smooth and creamy the chocolate was. They still manufacture them and obviously the packaging has changed slightly and they have now named them Bobby the Bunny!

Christmas would not be the same without getting either a Lindt Chocolate Snowman or the Santa, with his special bell, on Christmas day.
My collection of those little gold bells on red ribbons grows every year, as you can't throw them away now can you? So, on the tree they go year after year!

Lindt Chocolate Snowman
Lindt Chocolate Santa

I have never seen a Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar before and I got quite excited when I saw this in Woolworths, but at R249.95... even "I" thought it was a little expensive, but how nice it would be to find your little daily fix of Lindt behind every door.

Milk Churn filled with Swiss
 Premium Mini Chocs
R199.95 (350grms)

Mont Blanc Tin containing
Classic collection of
R149.95 (185grms)

Most of the above can be found at Woolworths
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