Thursday, 7 February 2013


With only a week to go until Valentines Day, another new ladies fragrance has appeared on the "perfume Skyline" across our fragrance departments in South Africa. This time, its the third in the PURE collection from the house of Donna Karan....

"PureDKNY a drop of rose"

I have to make a confession though...I am not a fan of her fragrances! Her selection is so vast and to be absolutely honest, I find it confusing, and a little of the "same old, same old", perhaps "a drop of Rose" will change all that!

PureDKNY A Drop Of Rose by Donna Karan is a Floral fragrance featuring Turkish rose, black currant, magnolia, cedar, verbena and vanilla. Things are looking up, as I immediately spot all of my favourite ingredients, yet will they all develop on my skin into a fragrance that I enjoy?
Initially I could detect the black current and the distinct Turkish Rose,which soon dried down to reveal the Magnolia and finally the soft, lingering freshness of Verbena and the powdery mix of Vanilla and Cedar. The Verbena really came through, as a sparkling fresh facet,which mingled with the now faintness of the Rose and that was what I could smell for many hours after application..... 
It reminded me of a younger, modern, more delicate version of the "Grand lady" of rose fragrances..Tea Rose, but don't be put off by this comparison, as "a drop of rose" is a most certainly a more youthful offering.
Overall this fragrance is a very feminine, beautiful, delicate, true rose floral fragrance and I loooove it! 
It's my new found everyday fragrance and would be perfect as my "second" wedding fragrance...only joking hubby!
So if you enjoy a "rosey" delicate fragrance, then give this a try and if you're not partial to roses or want something that makes a heavier statement, then steer well clear.....
Just to add to the appeal of this fragrance, all the packaging of PureDKNY is environmentally-friendly. The glass of its flacon is 100 percent recyclable; its outer carton is made of carton and paper which decompose easily. 
Argh! I love it even more....

30ml Eau de parfum   R540
50ml Eau de parfum   R750
100ml Eau de parfum R955

Available at DKNY stockists around South Africa

P.S.Note to Donna Karan....maybe its time I revisited your fragrance collections, as there could be some other little gems that I am missing out on...Pure Verbena sounds promising!

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