Thursday, 28 March 2013


For those that aren't aware, I live in the "Fun in the Sun" city of Durban...well a few kilometers north actually, in the coastal town of Umhlanga Rocks. The year round climate is the best that South Africa has to offer and with winter monthly temperatures of between 11c-25c I am very spoilt, as I never experience cold winters!

So why am I writing a post about jerseys and jumpers from mine, and most people's favourite retailer Woolworths? Surely you need cold weather to wear a jersey? These are all the questions that I should have asked myself, when I went to their Gateway branch yesterday....but instead, I was fully engrossed in looking and trying on, their newly arrived winter ranges, the majority of which I wanted, so well done to Woolworths, your winter so far is looking good!

Predominantly, the greys and blacks feature, as to be expected for those colder months and these colours are, kinder to those extra pounds that we may be carrying..I think I may be speaking just for myself here! Yes I have gained more than a couple of pounds over the summer months...I think my SD (Strawberry Daiquiri) research is to blame.

I couldn't resist buying these three little "softies" to wear with jeans, leggings or trousers, when the temperature does drop or I move away from the sub tropical climes of my hometown! What I did like about both the grey and the peach jersey, was the shirt tail at the back, which is more flattering, as it covers a little more of the rear!

I do think, however, that I have enough to carry me through Durban's winter, so jerseys are now off my shopping let me see.... boots, yes boots can be next on my list, then again maybe not!

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