17 June 2018


Over the past couple of years and much to my surprise, Micellar Waters have 
become an important part of my beauty regime .
 I previously relied on them mainly for travel, as they provide a quick and practical solution for 
removing face and eye make-up on the go. 

I also turn to a Micellar Water on those "full make-up" days, as part of a 
double cleanse, however my favourite way to use a Micellar Water is in the morning. 
I find a quick wipe around the face with a soaked cotton pad cleanses my skin
 and preps it for my morning skincare routine.

As you can see Micellar Waters are so versatile hence their rise in popularity
 over the past few years.
 Most skincare ranges now include a Micellar water in their product line-up 
and over the last couple of years 
I have tried and tested several of varying prices.
I have reviewed several products from LA ROCHE-POSAY recently and have enjoyed
each one and for those that suffer from a fragile, sensitive or intolerant skin,
then I highly recommend this affordable French skincare brand. 
Just to re-cap in the ethos of the brand:
La Roche-Posay is a French Dermatology skin care company recommended by more than 25 000 Dermatologists worldwide. Their promise is to make a better life for Sensitive Skin. Every product is unique in its inherent active ingredient – thermal water from the natural springs of La Roche-Posay, which contains high levels of Selenium – a mineral proven to protect cellular metabolism with its powerful antioxidant properties. 

The LA ROCHE-POSAY Micellar Water for Sensitive skins has been my
Micellar Water of choice for the past few weeks.
The Physiological Micellar Solution acts as a fresh cleansing solution 
and make-up remover in one, for face and eyes and can be used whether
 you have a sensitive skin or not.
It's the perfect product for people in a hurry.

The gentle non scented water formulation is suitable for all skin types,
 as it respects the skin’s physiological & pH balance.
Key ingredients are Citric Acid to gently cleanse and exfoliate and of course the
soothing LA ROCHE-POSAY Thermal Spring Water.
This product contains no

I found this product slotted perfectly into my morning regime as my 
cleansing water
and I'll be sorry when it finishes, as it will be time to move on and review another
Micellar Water from another brand.





Available in South Africa

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  1. I also use micellar water as part of my evening double cleanse and love it for cleansing my face in preparation for my morning skincare routine. I am currently using the LaRoche Posay micellar water and it is comparable to my favourite Bioderma micellar water. I look forward to more reviews of micellar waters by you as I might discover another new favourite!