24 June 2018


Another product that came from my Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar is the

PÜR Correcting Illuminate and Glow 
Face Primer

  and its from a brand that I have heard of, but have never tried any of 
their products.
Unfortunately PÜR is not available in South Africa. 

Let us get up to speed, as to what the PÜR brand is all about:

PÜR is a USA born and bred mineral based skincare and cosmetics brand 
and from its inception the PÜR Minerals approach has been founded 
on naturally beneficial minerals and associated vitamins.
For over a decade, PÜR has brought woman of all ages ground-breaking 
products that not only help them look their best,
 but actually improve their skins’ appearance.
 Combining the finest ingredients in nature with the latest in skincare technology, 
PÜR multi- tasking formulas work to correct, prevent and interrupt 
common concerns for radiant results you can see you can see
 even after the makeup comes off.
They offer wholesome products that don't incorporate potentially aggravating 
synthetic chemicals in their skincare formulations. 
Clinical studies have shown that regular and proper use of PÜR Minerals products 
can result in significant improvements in the look and feel of your skin
 as well as reduce the risk of dermatological irritation. 
These mineral-based makeups are free of parabens, lanolin, formaldehyde, 
and the brand is vegan friendly and 100% Cruelty free.

It was apparent from my research that this brand is so much more than
what I experienced from using my generous sample for the past week.
I feel that it's really not adequate to just review one product, as this brand is
more of an ethical lifestyle choice and based on its principles
it would be difficult to judge from the use of one product.

As you know though I'm a sucker for anything that helps to illuminate and brighten 
my mature ageing skin and
this Correcting Illuminate and Glow Face Primer preps
 skin and minimizes the appearance of pores, lines, wrinkles and imperfections
 with age-defying Ceretin Complex®, plus key vitamins and antioxidants, t
hat PÜR are known for.

It prime objective it to give dull, ageing skin a more even balance, radiance,
hydration and an overall dewy healthy looking skin.

The light textured tinted cream is suitable for all skin
types and is easy to apply. It certainly felt comfortable and sufficiently
moisturised thanks to the inclusion of one of my favourite ingredients Shea.
The slight tint helped to even out the skins tone, whilst Mica particles
reflect the light, which is key to giving an older skin a more radiant and less 
tired appearance.

PÜR do have a stable of colour correcting products and whilst this correcting
primer, only slightly corrects with regards to evening out the skin tone
 it is "big" on illuminating and glowing front.

Personally I enjoyed this product more when I wore it alone over my
 moisturiser for a blurring, brightening natural look more so 
than under my foundation.

This product is apparently great to wear under their iconic
 PÜR Mineral 4in1 Mineral Foundation and perhaps this is where this product
literally shines.
Would I rush out to add it to my UK Shopping list? 
Unfortunately not,as I have tried many good glowy primers, however if the 
ethos of the brand fits in with your
lifestyle and beliefs then PÜR is for sure worth visiting.
I would however like to explore their foundations, especially the 4in1.

PÜR Correcting Illuminate & Glow Primer

Not available in SA


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