4 June 2018


I'm slowly but surely working my way through my 
It contained so many great deluxe samples and many from brands that I have 
not tried before or that we do not get here in South Africa.

This generous 15ml tube of Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel forms
part of the Marks & Spencer own skincare brand

This Radiance Reveal Peel is formulated with unique transformation technology this smooth gel 
activates on contact with the skin to roll, lift and sweep away dead skin cells.
I've tried so many scrubs and exfoliating
products in my "beauty lifetime" (which spans more than 37 years of religiously
using skincare products) and to be completely honest this is not my
preferred type of exfoliating product.
As always I will post my thoughts and opinions on my blog this coming Sunday,
so be sure and check back in...

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