20 June 2018


My last QPR post was back in March,so I thought it was time to bring you
up to speed on some products that I've been trying since then.



Brand : Mineraline
Product : Invigorating Aloe Vera Gel
Price : R125

Aloe Vera is well known for treating burns, skin abrasions and irritations,
by quickly cooling and soothing the affected area.
My tube of Mineraline Invigorating Aloe Vera Gel was put to the test recently
 when the London "Kiddiewink" arrived for a month's holiday
 and managed to over expose his skin, in other words he got sunburnt.
Initially this soft green tinted gel feels quite sticky on application
but when it dries down the stickiness disappears and leaves the skin
feeling soothed and calmed.
It turned out to be a life saver and the inclusion of Dead Sea Minerals
and Vitamin B5 ensured that the skin was left feeling moisturised.
I've been using as an all over body gel and I'm loving both the consistency 
and the cooling effects of the gel.It would be great for a Summer body gel.
Apparently it can also be used to calm an irritated scalp.
This product offers great value for an affordable price of R125
for a generous 250mls of product and is definitely one to add to 
your shopping list.

Verdict : 8/10



Brand : Dove
Product : DermaSpa Goodness3 Hand Cream
Price : R49.95 (Current price as its 20% off at Clicks)

Dove have recently launched a hand cream as part of their 
DermaSpa range of products.
On application It immediately smells spa-like, as it's fragranced with Vanilla,
Musk and coconut and blended with Omega Oil.
Without doubt it leaves your hands feeling comfortably moisturised and velvety
soft.It's fast absorbing and great to massage into your cuticles and nails, its
like giving yourself a hand spa treatment at home.
This is, a good affordable hand cream backed by the research and development
of Dove. 

Verdict : 7/10



Brand : Rimmel 
Product : Lip Liner 1000 Kisses
Shade : Cappuccino
Price : R95.00

On a previous QPR post I reviewed the inexpensive Ultra Last Lip Liner from
Essence and I was suitably impressed and it encouraged me to try
another lip liner, this time one from Rimmel.
Not being "big" on lining my lips I only have the essence one to compare
this Rimmel one to.
I found this one to be a much harder pencil and not as long lasting, despite
the colour being good, I much prefer the texture of the essence and it
comes in way cheaper than the Rimmel. 

Verdict : 5/10

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